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    The products of our company have high shielding, good resistance of acid and alkaline, low expansion coefficient, rich color choice and other excellent characteristics. The environmental products are in line with the EU’s ROHS and REACH standards. Our products are widely used at automotive glass, home appliance glass, building glass and other colorful glass.
    Automotive Glass Enamels
    Appliance Glass Enamels
    Architectural Glass Enamels
    Shijiazhuang Finder Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2003, is a leading company specializing in producing glass enamels and conductive silver paste for Tempered Glass or Laminated Glass. There is a professional research and development team in our company, equiped with sophisticated testing instruments, focused on technology innovation, aims at providing the most effective products.We take the lead passing the ISO9001:2015 QMS certification in the industry. Furthermore, with experienced sales engineers, we are able to serve customers with rapid technical services.
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    Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
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